WatchCatting: We’re Coming for You.







Positive Propaganda:  Black Women Commune (aka:  WatchCatting):

Outside of the tragic McDonald’s commercials (tragic for them, ’cause we’re coming for ‘em too), and Burlington Coat Factory’s blatent shenanigans (why is the sistah ALWAYS window-shopping while broke,  i.e.: “Seventy-five dollars?!” , then her white girlfriend…of course she’s the black best friend…saves the day, and brags about all she can have and do with said miniscule amount.  Gag me.  We’ll be in touch, too), the one flaming piece of Hollywood negative propaganda and sheer ‘WTH black folks?!!!’ movie traveling down the pike is the upcoming DJANGO UNCHAINED (*Dec. 2012) by our buddy *not really* Tarantino. 

I’ve read the script. 

You can too.  (In other words, Google it.)

I still have nightmares.

If the final product (heck, the trailer) ends up being anything like what I’ve read, we’re gonna need ALL PAWS ON DECK. 

Cats and kittens, lions and cubs, it’ll be on and poppin’.

Please avail yourselves of the information available to you regarding DJANGO UNCHAINED.

I’m sure folks will love it, and hoo and hem and haw because it appears to be a slave-revolt story (and we looove those), but I’m not quite sold on the whole white-person-saves-black-person storyline, and the blatent, painful depictions of slave abuse and black female (gratituitous) nudity.

Please stay awake and alert, with eyes open and ready to both commune and converge if need be.

Meow for now,