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The new spring semester of 2020 is the Georgia Board of Regents` Student Financial Responsibility Agreement. The purpose of the student Financial Responsibility Agreement is to ensure that students understand their financial obligations to Georgia`s university system when enrolling in teaching. For more information on this agreement, please visit FEES/PROMISE TO PAY I understand that if I sign up for a class at Florida State University or receive a service from Florida State University, I assume full responsibility for paying all tuition, fees and other related fees that are assessed as a result of my registration and/or receipt of services. I understand and I agree. that my registration and acceptance of these market conditions are an agreement on a financial commitment in the form of an education loan under the U.S. Bankruptcy Act at 11.C 523 (a) (8) ] in which Florida State University provides me with educational services and defers some or all of my payment obligations for these services, and I promise to pay all registration fees, fees and other related fees up to the published or assigned due date. All students have final responsibility for their account, including all unpaid assets if the paying third party does not pay in full and must accept the SFRA as such. Our goal is to help students understand the cost of their training and the financial policies associated with enrolling at Northeastern University. The SFRA, in conjunction with our website, e-statement information, letters and other documents, helps explain the university`s expectations for payment, and allows us to clearly inform students of our policies regarding billing, late payment, contact methods, etc. Awards, awards, scholarships, scholarships: I understand that all awards, awards, scholarships and scholarships awarded to me by Florida State University are credited to my student account and applied to each remaining balance payable. I also understand that my receipt of an award, a bonus, scholarship or scholarship is considered a financial resource, in accordance with the federal provisions governing the financial support of Title IV, and may therefore reduce my eligibility for other federal and/or state financial aid (loans, scholarships, federal work studies) which, if they have already been paid into my student account, must be cancelled and returned to the source of the assistance.

The agreement serves as a notification of the potential consequences of non-payment and the provision of important account information. If a student decides not to sign the agreement or sign all of them, they are not allowed to enrol in the course until the problem is resolved. The conclusion of the agreement immediately lifts the corresponding ban and you can proceed with the registration. To access and conclude the student financial responsibility agreement, you must click on the hyperlink “here” in the loading area. You will land on the To Do List, where you will find a student financial agreement task. Click on the task you want to enter for the deal. Subsidized students may be subject to compensation not covered by the university and/or external sources of assistance. For example, students can only be sponsored for tuition and fees and have housing and NUSHP fees for which they are responsible. Student accounts also reflect items such as fines for library books, lost computer fees, etc.

In these cases, students are financially responsible for these additional costs and must therefore accept SFRA. If an account balance results from a change in circumstances in a funding source, students are responsible for the amount owed.

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