Online Music Distribution Agreement

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This distribution agreement (this “agreement”) is a binding legal agreement between you and DIGITUNES MEDIA LLP – our website “” (“Digitunes” or “we”) regarding your use of our Digitunes service to distribute your music recordings to digital services and stores (our “Service”). If you enter into this agreement on behalf of one or more other persons, a group or a company or another organization, you declare to us and guarantee, by accepting this agreement, that you are entitled to do so on behalf of all these persons/entities and to lead them to that agreement, and that Digitunes has the full right to remit (in this case, the term “you” includes all of these entities). When an artist decides to put back the music he has created with passion and hard work, he often worries that it will be abused or modified to his liking. It is a music agreement to protect the interests of the artist and the digital music distributor and allow them to be treated peacefully and, subsequently, to have a longer relationship. (f) If we receive a request or notification or if we reasonably suspect that your records or documents or your use of our website or service are contrary to an agreement, violates the rights of third parties, violates this agreement or violates the laws, In addition to any other rights and remedies available, we may suspend or terminate the distribution of your recordings and/or the duration of the agreement and/or have you reimburse amounts that are reasonably reasonable to you, in addition to any other rights and other remedies. , material and activity, up to and unless all claims or other behaviors are resolved favourably to our reasonable satisfaction and we can deduct from your payments our legal fees and the legal costs associated with them. You unlock all funds that are due to your fraud, violation or other illegal activities.

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