Pagdi System Agreement Format

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I plan to sell my apartment pagdi my owner is not ready to transfer my apartment to another party name, he insists on selling him the apartment and paying very less amount per market value, since I am willing to pay him the amount in accordance with the law, which I get from outside please lead me with the solution `In May 2017 , traders who were pagdi tenants in the Delhi AreaChandni Chowk were distributed. Up to 10,000 such stores were affected, more than 50,000 were unemployed and many more were under the radar. These traders have requested changes to the Delhi Rent City Control Act. Thank you for the valuable knowledge of the paghdi system. We have found that there is always a reference to the Pagdi system when it comes to rehabilitation, particularly in the old parts of the country. In accordance with Section 56 of the Rent Control Act, 1999, this consideration to the lessor was legalized as a fine, bonus or consideration (pagdi). The law provides for the authorization of a tenant to obtain any amount in return for the abandonment or transfer of his lease. is their all option to get property for the owners of X systems homes is the owner of a property. Y takes this property from X for rent. It pays A 10,000 times a month. Before the end of the agreement, X pays 1.00,000 Rs to Y, allowing Y to vacate the property.

This Rs. 1.00,000 is also called a rental premium. Here, X Y pays, so that Y waives his right to stay in the establishment. While most landlords and landlords agree that this system is unfair, tenants who have lived in large apartments in Mumbai oppose these recent government-proposed plans to end the old system and move towards the model Tenancy Act proposed by the central government. If the amendment is accepted and implemented, tenants occupying buildings over 847 sqft and 547 sqft will have to pay rents based on current market prices, which are more than 200 times the rents they currently pay. Whatp is tha pagdi explain me.becx in intersted.plz contect me 9540848143 Hello Sir, I have a room on pagdi, what is the consideration received from the owner, I am the residence room in the last 30 years. The amount of the deposit or an amount of value of the marker received.

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