Smart Local 105 Collective Bargaining Agreement

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The BYD plant in Lancaster, California, currently employs more than 400 locations, and with an expansion planned nearing completion, that number is expected to triple over the next three years. The union process began last summer, when SMART Local 105 and BYD signed a neutrality agreement that has the right to speak to the union. After the card check, SMART and a group of elected officials from the BYD plant will question the employees` goals and enter into contract negotiations with BYD management. In addition to the latest training and industry references that you buy for free, the best part of our program is that it is run jointly by trade unions and employers` organizations as part of a collective agreement (a contract). The starting salary is competitive and is considered above average for those entering the construction sector without prior experience. Hourly wages (including increases), healthcare, and pensions are usually contractually negotiated for Local 105 membership in a 3-5 year cycle. To register for the Forum, please visit SMACNA`s Industrial Relations Department offers model collective agreements negotiated between SMACNA and the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers (SMART). This was negotiated in 2011 and is the last edition of the standard form of the EU agreement. SMACNA members are available with an explanation of the changes negotiated in 2011 and an commented version of the agreement. SMACNA members also have information on previous versions and amendments to the SFUA, as well as a history of the SFUA, which provides an overview of the interpretation of some long-standing provisions of the SFUA. After a vote by employees at its Lancaster, California plant, Build Your Dreams (BYD) SMART Sheet Metal Local 105 (LA-Area) recognized as the exclusive representative of rates for its employees in negotiation. This vote, often referred to as a “card cheque”, is an important step towards trade union organisation.

SMACNA and SMART have negotiated an addendum to the standard form of the EU agreement as well as special agreements for local parties, which can serve as a model for the development of a local service addendum, recognising unique local conditions. National, international and specific complements developed by SMART/SMWIA. James White, Director of Organisation at SMART, said: “It is clear that BYD is here for the long term, and we are delighted that they are helping us support their workers. BYD has shown from the beginning the strong desire to always offer the best environment to its employees, and we are happy to have them as willing and dedicated partners.┬áBased on your exam score, you will be placed on a ranking of candidates to appear before our Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (JATC) for interview. You must reach at least 70 points out of 125 of the interview process to be considered for selection in our program. The committee meets 4 times a year to conduct interviews with candidates and you will receive a letter by mail informing you at least 15 days before the date of your interview. From left to right: Madeline Janis, Executive Director of Jobs to Move America; James White, Director of Organization at SMART; BYD Senior Vice President, Macy Neshati; Lawyer Rob Parris; Luther Medina, Managing Director of SMART Local 105. Visit our new voter registration site to get started. Sheet metal workers cover at least 9 different areas of work related to the construction industry. We train climate service technicians, industrial welders, CAD (Computer-Aided Design) retailers, stainless steel kitchen appliance installers, sheet metal roof installers, and HLK fire/life safety technicians, to name a few…

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