Toyota Lease Agreement Mileage

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The $0 Down Lease is for 3 years and includes 10,000 miles per year, although you are certainly able to do so for 2 years or 12,000 miles per year. Yes. At Wellesley Toyota, we offer different options for the return of your rented car, minivan or SUV. To find out how to close your lease, call 866-948-4230. The best way to describe leasing is to call it the lease of your Toyota. Instead of paying high weekly rental prices, as you do from a car rental, your monthly rent is significantly lower. You should keep in mind that this is still a form of rental and you do not own the vehicle or have a financial interest in it. Q: If I purchased my lease on another Toyota, can I return it to Tarbox Toyota? This is the time when people usually say, “I`m waiting.” This may be a mistake. You may have equity in your current lease agreement, or you can get a new vehicle 6 months earlier! You want to consider your options…

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