Washington Rental Lease Agreement

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A landlord must return the deposit to the tenant within twenty-one (21) days of the termination or termination of the lease. (RCW § 59.18.280) 10 days` notice is issued for termination of the lease for breach of lease and 3 days` notice for harassment of illegal activities. Standard Residential Lease Agreement (inside Seattle – outside Seattle) – The most popular lease. It has a typical fixed start and end date with payment due dates and language for eviction at the end of the term. Non-refundable expenses (59.18.285) – All non-refundable expenses must be clearly indicated in the written rental agreement. No termination is required for termination of leases in leases with a fixed end date * Fire protection and evacuation (§ 59.18.060) – At the beginning of the lease, the landlord must give the tenant a copy of a fire protection/safety information including an evacuation plan. This should include whether the property has a smoking policy, an emergency notification plan, and the route(s) to leave the building in the event of a fire. Identification of the owner/agent (§ 59.18.060) – The landlord must provide the tenant with the person authorized to enter the property, including the legal address for notices. If the information is not included in the rental agreement, it must be prominent on the premises. NOTE: If the owner does not reside in Washington State, they must choose a county resident agent for all communications. However, with monthly rentals, landlords can change the rental rules more easily. .

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