Connectwise Set Default Agreement

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Not all customers will need or need a standard recurring service level agreement. With ConnectWise Manage Agreements, you can offer your customers individual options such as one-time or recurring (temporary) blocking contracts. Your customers don`t want to be reminded of price increases, and you can`t expect them to summarize it. Create a workflow rule that notifies you via email and activity that a contract anniversary is planned in the next 30 days. This gives you plenty of time to get started and add that 2.5% premium. You can even use a preformatted email with a language that gives you that boost to increase a customer`s approval. You put it in the contract or talk to a customer about it, just this little reminder to do it. When technicians enter their time on a service ticket for a customer, they don`t think about which agreement to apply, and the service manager or dispatcher may be too busy to perform a specific time check. If this ticket falls on the accountant`s desk and he executes this invoice with incorrect information, he will have to come back later and change everything. ConnectWise Manage Automate plugin: If you`re part of your workflow when you create a new business to add the right deal, it simply hides a seamless manual task and automates a task that usually takes up your valuable time. Once the above steps are complete, the changes made to Myki will now be reproduced accordingly in the De Manage ConnectWise portal. To make the agreement, go to one of your managed companies to verify it. Effective contract management is essential to maintain strong business relationships with your customers, but even more important to ensure profitability.

With ConnectWise Manage Agreements, you can track and balance agreements at any time to effectively measure gains and losses. You can view the agreement by choosing to print it. Now that Myki is associated with the appropriate product and contracts in ConnectWise, changes to the number of licenses in Enterprise Portal indicate a RFP that notifies you that the changes will be applied to the ConnectWise Management Agreement. In this example, the number of licenses has been updated from 1 to 9. This blog was published by one of the latest contributors to the ConnectBooster on our monthly blog, Josh Peterson. Check out Josh`s biography below. Something like “Thank you for your payment, your credit card in the file is charged.” Keep your work types to a minimum and fairly general, and customize them at the enterprise level, not on the configuration board. The more options you give technicians and traders, the more likely they are to choose the wrong one. If you can`t set the tools correctly and you can`t use all the features correctly, you can`t have them. You might as well use legal yellow pods and keep your life confused.

It`s worth setting up your PPE properly and saving tens of thousands of dollars a year and eliminating frustration and headaches. Once you`ve set up your PSA software to succeed, schedule a connectBooster demo and see how we handle billing for all of our customers “ConnectWise Manage`s agreement feature really allows us to track what`s in it so we can see how profitable we really are with these agreements.” Create the default contract settings for the managed IT solution: To connect Myki and the management company, an agreement must exist in ConnectWise Manage. Create a trade agreement if the administration does not already exist. Here`s an example. Once the product is created, you can change both the cost and price of the Myki product. This works as a standard amount that companies are charged. To calculate another amount for managed businesses, you must change it by clicking on “Edit Billing” in addition to the entity specified below. When you configure agreements with ConnectWise, you must ensure that the document is used by default for all new service tickets created for an organization. This helps avoid billing errors with your technicians.

After completing the agreement for the managed company, click on “Edit Billing” and a window will open where you can change Myki`s billing settings. It allows you to change the cost per license for this company if you decide to make changes to the default settings you just configured. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) can be difficult to follow. .

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